FAQ - Coping with Suicide Loss

Why Did This Happen?

One of the first questions almost everyone asks after a suicide is, why? Why would someone you love end their own life? How could I not have seen this coming? Suicide is complicated, and it almost always leaves many questions unanswered. Often, we never learn exactly why our loved one took their life. But we can find help to find our way through this tragedy and support to go on living our own lives. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has many resources to help you through this time. Click here  to be taken to their website.

What Does “Survivors of Suicide Loss” Mean?

This expression is used to refer to the family and friends left behind after someone dies by suicide. Survivors are the ones left to pick up the broken pieces and find a way to move forward through grief and emptiness. If you have survived a suicide loss, help is available. Stop by the Counseling and Psychological Services Center  during walk-in hours to talk to a therapist and receive their support.

What support is available to me?

You can get support from the Counseling and Psychological Services Center . Visit the Counseling and Psychological Services Center during walk-in hours to speak to a therapist. Click here for more resources for loss survivors.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 1-800-273-TALK(8255). Suicidepreventionlifeline.org

Local and National Resources

Campus Resources
Counseling and Psychological Services Center
(828) 262-3180

University Police Department  
(828) 262-2150
Emergencies: (828) 262-8000

Dean of Students    
(828) 262-8284

Counseling for Faculty
and Staff 

(828) 262-4951

Community Resources
Daymark Recovery Services  
(828) 264-4357
After Hours/Crises Line: (828) 264-4357

Finding Hope: Survivors of Suicide Support Group 
(828) 262-1628

National Resources
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline  
Chat: Click Here  

The Trevor Project    

At Risk: Suicide Prevention Training Simulation


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